Create a unique funky avatar tee using our cool generator below. Design it to look like yourself, friends or family. Once you’re happy with your design, hit ‘Get the Tee’ and you will see the preview on the tee! Select size, color, style, quality. Add text with wicked fonts if needed. Prices start at $17.95 for a basic quality tee.

Please note: You will need an Adobe Flash enabled browser to view our T-Shirt design app
Photo showing the quality of a ‘basic’ style T-Shirt from Meontee. Many sizes, styles and different colors of tee’s are available. Text can be added with a range of cool and attractive quality looking fonts! Other types of clothing including hoodies and long sleeve garments can be selected. Experiment with your tee to create the perfect shirt, start a new trend today!
  • Unique Look
  • Male & Female styles selectable
  • Perfect for parties, events and just looking cool!
  • Selecting a more basic style will reduce the price
  • High quality fitted Tees and styles & colors available too!
  • Prices start at £12 ($17) approx (for the basic T-Shirt style)

Note: Once you have pressed ‘Get the Tee’ it may take up to 10 seconds for your tee-shirt preview to be generated.

Important: Check out the full range of styles. Use the ‘Magnifying glass’ to make the design larger

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